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GTFS + GTFS-realtime Book Bundle

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Book 1 - The Definitive Guide to GTFS

Learn all about the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and how to consume open public transportation data, including:

  • All about the structure of a GTFS feed
  • How to import a GTFS feed to an SQL database and perform queries
  • How to search for trips, handle blocks and calculate fares
  • Techniques for optimizing a GTFS database in order to minimize resource usage on mobile phones (such as on iOS & Android devices).

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Book 2 - The Definitive Guide to GTFS-realtime

Learn all about GTFS-realtime and how to complement static schedule data with real-time vehicle positions, trip updates and service alerts, including:

  • All about the structure of a GTFS-realtime feed and the GTFS-realtime specification
  • How to install and use the Protocol Buffers library in order to read or write GTFS-realtime feeds
  • How to import a GTFS-realtime feed to an SQL database alongside a GTFS feed and perform queries
  • How to use GTFS-realtime extensions

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Table of Contents (Book 1):

1. Introduction to GTFS

2. Agencies (agency.txt)

3. Stops & Stations (stops.txt)

4. Routes (routes.txt)

5. Trips (trips.txt)

6. Stop Times (stop_times.txt)

7. Trip Schedules (calendar.txt & calendar_dates.txt)

8. Fare Definitions (fare_attributes.txt & fare_rules.txt)

9. Trip Shapes (shapes.txt)

10. Repeating Trips (frequencies.txt)

11. Stop Transfers (transfers.txt)

12. Feed Information (feed_info.txt)

13. Importing a GTFS Feed to SQL

14. Switching to Integer IDs

15. Optimizing Shapes

16. Deleting Unused Data

17. Searching for Trips

18. Working With Trip Blocks

19. Calculating Fares

20. Trip Patterns

Table of Contents (Book 2):

1. Introduction to GTFS-realtime

2. Introduction to Service Alerts

3. Introduction to Vehicle Positions

4. Introduction to Trip Updates

5. Protocol Buffers

6. Consuming Service Alerts

7. Consuming Vehicle Positions

8. Consuming Trip Updates

9. Storing Feed Data in a Database

10. GTFS-realtime Extensions

11. Publishing GTFS-realtime Feeds

Save $5 by buying both books together!

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  • You'll get two PDF files of GTFS and GTFS-realtime goodness.
  • Book 1The Definitive Guide to GTFS
  • Book 2The Definitive Guide to GTFS-realtime


GTFS + GTFS-realtime Book Bundle

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